Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was delightful!
 We celebrated a friend's birthday on Thanksgiving eve with a delightful meal and delightful company in their home. We spent a good part of the day with our family at our son's house and while we all contributed to the meal, DIL M did the cooking. Her table was lovely!
 Their table is large enough to seat all eighteen of us at once.
And the bittersweet is the real stuff...
just don't use it outside because the seeds will drop and start a very invasive plant - trust me, I know!

We treasure this moment - a moment of time among many other moments.
We hug them close to our heart because we have no guarantee we'll have tomorrow...
The loud, healthy noises of seven boys enjoying each other's company.
Little Kyra raising her arms to be held and snuggling.
Daddy giving two delighted girls a pony ride.
Three year old Ty sliding off the same pony and brushing himself off and saying, 'I'm okay.'
Playing table games and hearing the men talking man talk.
Eating a yummy dessert an hour after we ate the main course 'cause it was so delicous!
Yes, our Thanksgiving was wonderful!

That was yesterday.
Today I'm doing this...
Christmas decorating while I'm listening to Christmas music!
Life is good.
But better yet...


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Dawn E. Brown said...

Amen was exactly what I was thinking. I love your simplicity and the peace your blog speaks. God is so very good,beyond what tongue could ever tell. Thank you,Dawn E. Brown

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