Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Olde House...

A local business bought a property with an old house on it and dismantled it for another purpose. The house was a 'free-for-all' to anyone wanting to take windows, doors, etc. Mr D and I went up to see what we could salvage. There was a lot more I wanted such as the roof of the small porch but settled for some windows and doors. Mr D is sooo good to me and my ideas!

Mr D cut the doors so I could use the window section - boy, are they heavy! 
It's hanging in the front by the garage door, spiffied up for Autumn.
free window
two bucks for the twiggy wreath
 'a dollar a peice' pumpkins 
 a dollar yard sale chair, weathered beautifully 
 rusty wagon our children played with
free leaves from the neighbour :)
Close up at sunset.

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Helen said...

Don't you just love free? What is it that makes it so sweet?

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