Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Gardening Help


From The Pulpit

When Satan reminds us of our many failures,
remind him of his greatest failure - The Cross!


Because of an extended Easter vacation, two grands, P and J, were here all day on Thursday 'helping Grandma' and a grand help it was! We got a lot done and having four extra hands around to help with gardening was wonderful!
 There was a mountain of wood chips that needs to be wheeled to the right places. Mr.D helped on Saturday by dumping it in place for me on this project as well. The wood chip pile, different than bark mulch, is part of my new way of gardening (more on that later).
S and T were here for an hour, found these hats in the playhouse and I caught them trying to 'touch the fish.' Precious!
The boys washing the front porch down...
and taking an apple snack break.

The wonderful warm weather we had earlier pushed everything ahead but many things are now feeling the threat of frost. The roses look nipped and the strawberries need to be covered at night. But the old-fashioned blue iris started blooming, the peony tree is full of buds and the peony plants are pushing buds.

Oh, I LOVE this time of the year!

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