Monday, February 13, 2012

Blustery Week End and Playing Doll

The winter had been very mild up to now. We've had my-kind-of-winter-snows twice over the week end...the kind that comes, is beautiful and leaves...quickly! Our first snow was October 29. Since then we've only had enough to make the roads treacherous for several hours. Friday we woke up to this beauty...
 It was gone by noon. See? Told you it my kind of snow! :)
Saturday morning we woke up to this again. It too, was gone by noon.
By late afternoon a nor'eater blew in, the temp dropped and we got more snow. It's frigid today! Winter bypassed January and came in February instead.


Kyra In Soft Focus

I 'played' doll on Saturday with grand baby Kyra. Her parents attended a wedding and it was a first for her and mommy to be separated that long. She did very well!

 She slept for three hours.
 Her hair is as dark as it was at birth.
 She loved this...propped by pillows in a corner of the couch!
Isn't she a little bit of shnuck-ums?


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

What a doll, indeed. Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

So adorable...

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