Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29

I like snow - that is, I like it in bits and pieces...TINY bits and pieces. Preferably as in a 'White Christmas.' Or in the middle of winter. But October?! Let me also be quick to tell you, I'm not a whiner about weather! It feels like I'd be railing against God if I would - but October?! Any-hoo, here's a few pictures of what's happening outside! :)
Remember this beauty from yesterday's post?
 Snow haze.
 Until next year!
 Old Glory and lavender.
 Amazing color!
 Jalapeno peppers I was too lazy to harvest.
 Long-blooming zinnia.
 Neighbor's burning bush shrubs.
 Stone, wood and glass. It speaks to me!
  Pumpkins peek out from under the snow.
Truth spoken here!


Dianne said...

Where do you live?? I am from southern Manitoba and we have not gotten snow here yet. I can feel by the wind today, it won't be long:(
You have such a lovely yard.

Blondie's Journal said...

Amazing and beautiful pictures!! How do you like having snow this early...I couldn't imagine it though I'm sure it has happened in the past. I bet it is very cozy in your home right now!


Susan said...

Isn't this weather crazy? I'm in eastern Mass, and we may get some snow tomorrow but right now it's raining. Your garden looks so beautiful despite the prematurity of the white stuff. :)
Hope it melts soon. I just read your previous posts and LOVE that salt in jar idea!
Take care,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I really do love your beautiful pics, especially of the flowers!
We've had it that early in the past and it just seems wrong somehow although our time is coming soon!

Robin said...

And that's not just a little snow! LOL. Hopefully it will melt soon and you can get back to October

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