Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Celebration

From October 27 to December 22, six babies were born in our church...today we celebrated all six births.
Four girls, two boys and their mothers.
L-R...Autumn Elyse - 11.22, Ava Grace - 11.22, Patrick James - 12.22,
Braedon Pryce - 9.27, Hannah Dawn - 12.10, Sierra Grace - 11.12

Our small group did the decorating and another one furnished the food - a lovely time of food and fellowship.
Ready and waiting for the main cast!
Table decorations - I made the banner, using hot glue to do the project.
 Our small group leader made the diaper cake gifts...so cute!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

what a tremendous blessing! and looks like a fun and festive celebration.


Ruby Jean said...

Oh I am just so THOROUGHLY blessed seeing this post... What a joy and Treasure children are... I love the celebration of LIFE... Thank you for sharing this with us!! :)

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