Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitchen Sneak Peek

The kitchen is coming along as scheduled - yea! Being without water in the kitchen hasn't been bad at all; it does reminds me how blessed we are in having running water at our finger tips. The worst of the dirt and dust is passed for which I raise a hallelujah! Being a barefoot gal in the house, walking on a clean floor is wonderful again! Here's a few pics and what needs to be done yet.
These are the hardware that will be used on the drawers with matching knobs for the doors. This is another piece that will be in the kitchen that has been transformed from a sad-looking cupboard.
In the meantime, at the suggestion of our contractor, the 'knobs' are designer knobs, made out of painter's tape...they perform well! :)

What's happening on Monday:
  • the counter top is coming - yea!
  •  the hardware goes on
  • a light needs to be moved
  • the plumber will be here

What I hope will be happening next week:
  • the quirks will be fixed
  • the electrician will wrap it up
  • the crown molding finished
  •  missing shelves will appear
In the meantime, with the kitchen out of commission, there's time to tinker around with a few Christmas crafts that I'm working on.

I'm blessed!


Fitra2009 said...

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Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog and following me back too.

Shelly said...

We're talking blueprints for a house these days . . . and a new kitchen is one of the main things I daydream about {also the room I stress about the most, but that's *another* matter.} Happy for you and will be waiting to see the final product! Just in time for Christmas, eh?

Ruby Jean said...

EEEEEKKK!!!! Oh I can't wait to see the WHOLE thing... I feel like I am being TEASED!!! :) Oh i just know it's going to be GORGEOUS!!!!

Revi said...

It's looking so pretty!

Pearl said...

I love to see white cabinets. I agree...I feel like I'm being teased!!
Hey, who needs knobs anyway??

Lori said...

Beautiful corner cabinets!!! Can't wait to see the finished room!!!

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