Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Award

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic awarded me!

Seven bits of information about me:

I hate shopping in big malls!
I love gardening and thrift stores.
My liking for cooking on a scale is a seven.
I enjoy beautifying castoff pieces of furniture.
I come from a family of twelve children, evenly gender divided.
I only dabble in crafts - too much of one thing and the fun is gone.
 We have eleven grandsons, five grandaughters and expecting an addition next week!

Reasons why I like these blogs: 

I like the simplicity of this blog and the beauty of their home. And their babies? Such sweetness!

This gal is whirlwind of getting things done even though she's a busy mom of four boys and one sweet girlie! They just moved into a lovely victorian home with dreams of beautifying it.

Reading the Home and Harmony blog is just that! They're also in the process of beautifying their newly purchased house but their former home is worth spending time reading about - it's so beautiful! 

This gal is chock full of crafty ideas!
Lorene is a new blogger and I've known her all her life. She's a born writer and a wonderful mom to  three boys and one girl.

This is a favorite! Not only is Martha is a WONDERFUL cook (I'd hire her in a flash!) but more importantly, she's our daughter-in-law and a wonderful wife to our son and mother to our
 three grandsons and one grandaughter.

I've known Janelle for a long time but blogging has made us new friends. She's got THE best yard sales, doesn't know a stranger and chatting with her makes the world a brighter and better place! 
Shelly is a busy mom of three youngins' but still takes the time to research and share the good stuff of life she's interested in, so others can benefit from her knowlege! She's a Canadian gal that's been transplanted to Lancaster County by her husband Phil, whom I've known all his life.


 I decided to change things up a bit with this award because I know it takes time to connect with seven other, girls, do whatever you want with this award - please...don't feel obligated to pass it on. It was my chance to share some of my favorite blogs!


Martha said...

Thank you Mom! Oh and I have 3 boys not 4 :) hehe :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

It does take so much time! You did this beautifully, I liked how you shared the other bloggers with us and gave us a little info about each one.


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