Friday, October 28, 2011


These are a re-bloom for this clematis...the secret? Cut it back eight to ten inches the end of July and not later than the beginning of August. It grew like a weed and is simply beautiful! I hate to say this, BUT...SH-H-H, IT'S SUPPOSED TO SNOW TOMORROW! UP TO FIVE, FIVE INCHES!! BAH-HUMBUG!!! I see this beautiful white flower and will focus on that, not the snow.

Pearl of Serenity Cove - I did not get your email address for the giveaway and hope your next try will work!


Amy Renea said...

FIRST of all...your header is fabulously BEAUTIFUL...stunning!! ...and I love your clematis...I just saw one yesterday that decided to poke her head up the day before snow you aren't in PA are you?!)...such a little flash of defiant joy - I like her!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the lovely comment! yes, we are in PA in zone 6b. i love the phrase 'a little flash of defiant joy!' Esther

Pat said...

Hi Esther, I love the look of all the white on your blog and the pictures are all beautiful...I'm in southern Del and can't believe that we're going to get some snow tomorrow night - my rose bush is still blooming ;(

Blondie's Journal said...

We have a very similar clematis that blooms in late summer. I am going to use your tip and cut it back next year. Thanks, Esther!


Pearl said...

Esther, I tried to resend that address. Hopefully you got it. Thanks again and I hope you don't get all that snow!! Pearl

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