Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week End

It was a very warm Memorial Day week end with temps in the nineties -
 but I'm not complaining! No indeedy, I'm not! :)
Gap Park, Lancaster Co.

A few pics from our first 'doggie roast' in our back yard on Memorial Day.
The little boys in the sandbox (they cleaned out the winter debris).
The big boys throwing ball.
B will hold smarties in his hand for hours!
T eating a gigantic marshmallow.

Somehow, the girls got missed in the picture-taking!


On other things:

Hubs & I attended church together for the first time since his was wonderful! We are continually amazed how well he's come through this cancer. He's working almost full time but stopping when his body says 'enough' - and that's huge for him! He's released from his primary Dr. and we're meeting with the chemo Dr. as well as a nutritionist. WE ARE BLESSED!


The heat did a number on the peonies and iris. This morning, I said a very fond farewell to them!

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