Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dry-stacked Brick Column

Many years ago I saw a picture in a magazine of a gardener who dry-stacked a brick column and immediately I knew I could do this. So, so simple! All it takes is 18" pavers, brick and something to finish it off - I use a concrete final. I have five-three layer columns and two-two layer columns in my gardens. I was fortunate in having old, used brick which really adds an aged look. 

Using 18" pavers is kind of important - if it's a 12" paver it's too skinny and 24" paver looks too squat-like...of course, this is my own opinion!

four 18" pavers
72 bricks

have on hand:
heavy duty gloves

Disclaimer: first off, the BEST way is to do it right by using fine stone or sand in the foundation - I'm either in a hurry or don't want to be bothered with it!
Begin by clearing and leveling an area to match the paver size and MAKE SURE IT'S LEVEL AND PACK IT WELL! This takes time but don't fudge it...you'll be sorry if after all your work, it's crooked! 'Course, it can easily be dismantled and done over again! :)

Begin by placing the brick around the paver...these brick are chipped and by no means perfect. I put the best side out and took advantage of the plaster that was left on the brick, making sure it was on the outside to give it an aged look.
Stack the brick untill there's four rows to a section before adding another paver. Gaps and chipped corners add a lovely look! Begin the next layer the same as the first layer on the next section.
Use a level for every section, adjusting as needed. Because I used recycled brick, this took a little managing due to plaster chunks left on the brick.
It was a tad difficult keep it squared up and down but I didn't spend too much time on that - I'm not finicky enough, though it was important to end up being level.
This column has a clemitas, climbing up some fencing cut to fit the column...chicken wire could be used as well, though it's not as sturdy. Before the top is added, bend the fencing to tuck it between the brick and the top paver. That's it!
- several weeks later -
We are changing this section in the front and will post more at a later date.

...happy gardenening!

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lucy said...

so awesome, and so do-able! thanks!

Arla said...

I really like this idea and tutorial. Thanks so much. Gotta do this as soon as my four rows of flowers in the garden amount to anything.

debbie said...

gorgeous! it turned out beautiful! im gona look around my yard and see where i can put a couple! thanks

laurmela said...


I love it ! So much so I did one too! Thanks for the idea!

Jami said...

Love this- now I have to think about a place I can do this!
Thanks for sharing-
An Oregon Cottage

Grace said...

Very cool and doable. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi said...

Love this and will be making one or two myself. Am a follower now also and am looking forward to reading more of your posts.


Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Very pretty, Esther. I like the pavers incorporated into the design scheme. We're working on a walkway here using old brick, stone from around our farm, and old grinding stones. But that project is on hold until this MISERABLE heat wave subsides. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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