Monday, March 7, 2011

week end musings

saturday was J's eighth birthday...we celebrated it sunday evening.
such excitement!
we took A and S along.
i used a turned-inside-out grocery bag for gift-wrap and they decorated it.
  a nice, comfortable evening!


we joined an elective SS class taught by Pastor Mark and his wife on 'Different, Unique and Married.'
this class will run three months and i'll be sharing in a nutshell what is taught in class.

Stages of Marriage
  • romance - wearing rose-tinted glasses
  • transition - what was i thinking?!
  • reality - when the ideal becomes an ordeal
  • retaliation - when the ordeal becomes a new deal (changing the other person)
  • resignation - accepting the truth that God has made he/she this way
B. Three Major Sources of Conflict
  • money
  • sex/intimacy
  • in-law relationships
Our Dilemma

A. Reactions to Differences
  • before marriage what we think is cute is no longer cute
  • a strong desire to change the other person
  • we challenge
  • we criticize
B. Results of Differences
  • loss of respect
  • creates resentments
  • no one takes responsibility
  • wedges are created and walls go up
What it Takes

  • acceptance - to endure without resentment
  • right responses and attitude
  • selflessness
Wrap Up

We have a choice: we can allow the dilemma to create conflict
 or we celebrate the differences and blend them together to form a winning team!


GIVEAWAY closes at midnight tonite!


Anonymous said...

Oh good! Now I can catch the pieces from class that I miss due to wiggly people! =) R.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to J! Aren't grandchildren wonderful? They are such a gift.
Very interesting notes on Marriage and conflict, very good and true.
Hugs, Cindy

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