Monday, February 28, 2011

week end musings and a giveaway!

saturday we attended a flower show in Harrisburg...
ah-h-h...the sights and sounds of flowers, waterfalls, ideas -

the jug thing seem to be popular this year.
 wonder how long wood lasts a a waterfall? not long, i bet!
this cute little vignette came from a local nursery.
 and i thought this was a novel idea.
then there was the dreamy indoor to outdoor living...sigh!
(me thinks this style of living is a LOT of work!)

it was a kind of date for hubs and i...
 if one can call it a date after spending three hours buying a business truck first,
and eating at Hoss's on the way home!
but i'll take it!
walking around holding hands and snacking on samples is time well spent together!


- From the Pulpit -

God Revealed!

God shows Himself in general revelation...
The heavens declare the glory of God - the firmament shows His handiwork. Psa 19:1
But we must worship the Creator more than the created.

Universal intellect says many ways lead to God.
The atheist says 'There is no God.'
The agnostic says 'There is no evidence and we can't tell what truth is.'
The Christian is so busy pursuing the American dream we can barely give 2% (two weeks)
of our time out of a year to tell others about Jesus. 

Everyone needs redemption!
Salvation comes through confession -
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!


last week end this blog reached its 100th follower;
and this is my 250th post...
 so we celebrate!
i love whites and creams and french greys and shabby chic and roses -
this is where i get my inspiration -
 thank you...Rachel Ashwell!
- the giveaway!

  • leave a comment and an email address
  • if you're already a follower, leave a seperate comment for that
if you want three more chances to win...
  •  become a follower
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this giveaway will be open until midnight, March 7, 2011, week!



Anonymous said...

I've been wanting that book! :) I can't wait till your gardens are alive again and I can come and soak up the beauty....
you know my email address :)

uncommonday said...

I love Shabby Chic, and I'd love to win the book! :-) My email address is

Lauren Stoltzfoos

~Rosanne said...

Ooh la-la lovely!

Vintage Gal said...

I love shabby chic and I love Rachel. This book looks deeevine ;-) May e mail is

botaitai said...

I enjoy your blog. I am a follower.

Sharon said...

I completely missed the Harrisburg Flowers. Thanks for the pictures!
Congrats on your success blogging Esther! I will give somebody else a chance to win though this time! :)

Crystal said...

Loving all the outdoor ideas!!! Still wanting spring to come NOW!!! Sign me up for the giveaway!!!

Shelly N said...

I'm a follower.

Shelly N. said...

The book looks great! Congratulations on 100 followers and so many posts. :)

Barbara Jean said...

I'm a follower and I would LOVE to WIN this book!

thanks, congratulations, and blessings
barbara jean

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I found you a few months ago. We went to a garden show here too, looked very similiar to your photoes. Thanks for having such a beautiful blog
I would post on my blog but I dont' have one. I will try and figure out how to be a follower :)

Mary said...

I would love to your taste!!!

Cindy said...

I love Rachel Ashwell's book! I would love to have one.
Thanks for a chance to win.
Hugs, Cindy

Cindy said...

Hi again,
It looks like you and your husband had a fun date, always interesting to see what the garden designers are doing. I always enjoy your "From the Pulpit" comments.
I am a follower!
Hugs, Cindy

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I love RA too. I have several of her books, but not this one. I might not technically be a 'follower' cause I have you on my blog roll on my side bar. That way others can follow you too! You should have my email. Congrats on 100! I'm a far ways from that. :)

Passionate for White said...

Cool giveaway...who doesn't LOVE Rachel?

Passionate for White said...

I'm a follower, thanks for the opportunity to win.

Rachel said...

oooh!! if you pick me, you can save yourself some postage and just hand deliver it! ;O)
lovely giveaway Esther!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your followers and 250 posts.Hope to see a lot more... love the inspiration.....

Amy said...

Love your blog! Your house is beautiful! Amy

Amy said...

I became a follower too! Amy

YayaOrchid said...

Winning this book would be awesome! Love your blog!

Carolyn said...

The book will make a great gift for some lucky gal! I am a follower already.


Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Congratulations on your milestone! I joined your blog as a follower a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying your posts! Your pics are very inspirational! Here's to your next 250 posts! Cheers! **sound of glasses clinking together in a toast**

Anonymous said...

I always love following your blog- would also love to win this beautiful book!

The lady of the house... said...

GREAT JOB ESTHER~~~250 posts takes a lot of time, (this I know)! And 100 followers, (109 by tonight). SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Looking forward to our "adventures" this Summer! Love from up the road.....

Anonymous said...

So maybe I don't get out enough =) but I never heard of this lady. BUT from the looks of these comments I definitely want my name in that drawing too. Rach M.

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

Looking back at my previous comment I see I had forgotten to add my email! Sorry! willowsquietcorner(at)gmail(dot)com. Congratulations again on such a beautiful blog! I love looking at all the pics you post!

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