Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - 2011

it's been a busy week end!
thursday, we traveled to IN  for a wedding on friday,
then spent the rest of the week end with sis-ta Lil.

before i 'leave' 2010, i want to post this picture...
these little darlings came to our house to SING christmas songs to me!
 this is our grandaughter S (second on left)  school class with their teacher.
it was sweet!
they also left a plate of cookies...
i ate most of them! :)


i have no pictures of the wedding due to a request to not to take any;
the company was delightful and the food was good!


two highlights from the week end...
- one -
spending time with sis-ta Lil and Gary was the best.
we rang in the new year with food and games.
our time with them was relaxing and delightful!
- two -
 visiting Horton's!
check them out, especially their blog on their Christmas display.
  i took advantage of the forty percent off of christmas wares. 
and to my dismay, i forgot my camera.
they'll be making a few major changes this winter that will greatly enhance their display.
before we left, we were treated with a quarter pound of
 free, delicious fudge they make themselves.
i'm looking forward to going there again!


i'm enjoying the many comments from you...
thank you for taking the time to bless me this way!

wishing everyone a blessed 2011!



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Cindy said...

They are beautiful children, how nice that they would stop by to sing to you. What a blessing that must have been and they brought cookies! How sweet!
Hugs, Cindy

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