Monday, October 11, 2010

week end musings

our church had a retreat in central Pa from friday evening until sunday noon.

 this was our view from the back deck.
the leaves were really lovely, though not at their peak.


Encountering Jesus

In the realities of life,
and in the middle of hard things,
Jesus whispers...
'Sh-h-h, I'm here to deliver you.'

Giving up my alabaster box,
Am I willing to break the seal?
Give up my dreams?
To love genuinely is costly -
and to risk criticism and scorn...
to be misunderstood.

We are created to worship.
Worship is a connection to God.
To worship the Creator rather than the created.

This was our teaching in a nutshell -
a lot to think about and apply to my life!



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Tracey said...

Hi Esther! What a lovely post!! And beautiful Fall pictures!!!

:) T

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