Monday, October 11, 2010

fall cleanup

It's been a while...but here I am again! Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I spent six hours cleaning up, transplanting and eliminating a few plants. Happy sigh and aching muscles! :) If anyone is interested in deep purple day lilies and blazing star bulbs, give me a shout out.  I'm posting a few pictures of my work and will post more on this subject later.

Remember this?
After six to eight inches of rain it has recovered wonderfully!
My lovely lime lights suffered from the dry heat
 and look like this...
instead of like this.
(picture from last summer)
I'll let the sedum stand until frost kills them then possibly use the flower heads to decorate for outdoor Christmas decor. I used to let them up all winter but discovered I like the beds better without.

...happy gardening!


PS...I found a skeleton of a mole today -
wonder if the chewing gum did him in? 

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