Thursday, September 2, 2010

...with the birthday boys

tuesday evening of this week we took A and P to Village Greens for their birthdays.
such energy!
i was only too happy to trail behind and watch! :)
to get to the first hole, we cross over a creek via a bridge.
i should tell you, this is a beautiful, romantic...yes, indeed, romantic...
 course, designed and built by one brilliant man
with a B.I.G. imagination!
if you're fortunate, one may see him, who, by now is well into his eighties,
wandering around the grounds.
i took a few extra pictures to show some of its uniqueness.

perfect lineup shot by three different putters...i kid you not! :)
this course is built on a slope with beautiful little waterfalls
meandering down to a climatic waterfall through which one putters behind it.
the front of the water fall...
where it ends up here.
these two hit the jackpot and won a free game.
ended up with our cream!
'twas a fun evening!



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MommaHensCoop said...

Thanks for commenting!I, too , have heard good things about Aloe Vera juice. I may have to look into that some more! (btw- my little one is doing MUCH better!)

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