Thursday, September 2, 2010

weeping peach tree

Isn't this a lovely color?
It's a weeping peach tree and a welcome color in the spring!
Well, I'm here to tell you "pretty is as pretty does.' Never, and I mean as in NEV-ER! buy! this! tree!! Right now, she looks this...
with these squishy, bee-attracting, filthy, sour-smelling fruit.
And to make sure you SEE what I'm talking about, check this out...
...where they do this. UGH! And THEN... add insult to injury,
they try to grow MORE trees!
(See the mole hole on the bottom left?
Gotta chew more gum and stuff it in there!
But I did kill a B.I.G mole...with my trusty shovel! Glory!)
I digress...
back to the weeping peach.
It's worth losing the twenty bucks I paid for it.

On a more cheerful note -
this morning I discovered this...
another crepe myrtle has seeded itself.
I mean, these plants just 'pouf'
 and they're six inches tall before you know they're there!
At this rate, this plot of land is going to be swallowed up in crepe myrtles!
What am I going to do with this one?
a give-away?
 Put it up for a silent auction?
First come, first serve event?

...happy gardening!



Anonymous said...

you posted about having transplanted a hydrangea bush--- is now an okay time to do that--- I have one I planted this spring and its doing just what you said yours is---I think there is to much sun.
Elsie Glick

Esther@fleurcottage said...

Elsie, now is a good time to transplant it - just be sure to water it well until it rains.

Anonymous said...

Me want it!!! your sis

Linda said...

I love the blooms on that nice tree but you are right nice is not always best...the fruit looks nasty

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