Thursday, July 1, 2010

taking the girls out...

last evening we took the girls out for their birthdays to village greens,
a tradition we do when they turn five.
village greens is the very nicest place to mini golf!
such excitement!
sarah is five and serena is six -
it was sarah's first time and serena's second time.
it was cuteness to watch the older instruct the younger!
waiting for our turn -
the big party ahead of us graciously left us do a go-ahead.
for some reason only girls can think of,
it was important to pose on the top seat.
after a teeny, tiny argument, grandma took a picture of both! :)
posing with their animal of choice at the 'barn' hole...
we finished off the evening with ice cream.
grandpa's scoop fell off his cone but was rescued -
delicious strawberry cheesecake...
a fun and funny evening!



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Aimee said...

Yay for Grammys who take their littles out for mini golf! I'm sure they loved it! Village Greens is such a beautiful place!

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