Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lamb's ear

Lamb's ear is a fascinating feeling plant. It's soft and fuzzy and demands to be touched. It's a plant that is neutral and goes well with any color, is draught tolerant and attracts bees. It HATES wetness in any form! It will sulk and refuse to do well in a summer of rain and shows this by just simply 'melting,' or rot to nothing. But never fear, if it gets the slightest chance to grow again or reseed - lamb's ear is your plant!

I do limit mine to certain areas as it spreads and will reseed wherever it can. It's a wonderful filler and looks lovely in bouquets. After the teeny, tiny fuchsia-colored flower is finished on the stalk, I cut the stalks and put 'em outdoors where they shine for several weeks if you like that kind of a look. When it becomes too invasive, I ruthlessly pull them out to control it. I've never dried them but my guess is they'd dry very nicely.
Here is a close-up of a 'melted' spot...
Simply pull the 'melted' spots and throw it on the compost pile.
Stalks cut and in an aluminium bucket -
rugged looking but fits the outdoors.

This is not every one's kind of plant. I once had a yard man tell me they're the silliest kind of plants...
which simply put, means each man to their own! :) If you have a hot, dry area, this is your plant - it will prosper!

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