Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Porch Post Arbor

Funky Junk's Gitter Done! is in its second month of encouraging one to get a project finished or to share one already done. This arbor began when wooden porch posts were traded for vinyl posts at a church and were very quickly claimed by myself. They've been in storage for some years when finally, this spring I got an idea  to create an arbor out of them for my zepherine drouhin rose. 

This space was a forlorn, windswept space between the playhouse and the gazebo with a cornfield on the other side of the arborvitaes where the cornstalks ended up in the yard during winter time.
I tried different ideas but nothing really clicked till I remembered these stored porch posts.
Mr D placed the posts over re-bar, five feet apart,
 using 3/4" pvc pipe, pushed them into the hollow top of the post,
and using a heavy screw to hold it all together.
  I floored it in with slate pieces I had fa-eva that in its 'before' life, 
served lots of other jobs and planted creeping thyme between it.
It is now a place of beauty and perfect for my rose, where in its other location, suffered majorly from lack of moisture and wind so much so, by the middle of summer,she was a sad-looking rose.
She looks lovely with the wrought iron set I got at the GW at an enormous bargain.The hanging light is for display only and will be switched our for another light that holds a candle in a glass vase, found at a yard sale.
 Pics of that are coming in another post after the twilight tour the end of the month.
This was an easy and fun project to do!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a lovely place to sit! And the slate embedded in the soil? Oh my gosh, gorgeous. Very cool project! Now aren't you glad you got that done? :)


Marie said...

Oh wow...impressive transformation!!! I luv it!!! What a perfect space to chill out and enjoy your surroundings. Now, I want one too ;)

Shelly said...

I'm sorry for not getting back to you again with info on how others can subscribe to your blog. Here is the info one friend gave to me on how she subscribes to mine.

"I don't know how it works exactly with a Pc - but with my Mac - then I am on a site - if that site has a RSS feed it says so on the right hand side of where the wed address is. I click on that and it will take me to the RSS feeds for that site and there is a place that I can click on to subscribe in mail. Again, I don't know if that is different for different computers. I use Safari as my web browser as well - and maybe that is different for other web browsers."

But each browser is different . . . and whoever was asking you may just need to ask someone who understands the system they are working with. I hope you figure something out, and maybe you have already!

Linda said...

this is so lovely

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