Wednesday, July 7, 2010


it was Josiah's turn for his birthday treat
 to go out with grandpa and grandma to Village Greens.
we are in a high nineties to triple digit heatwave right now
and it was VERY warm -
but we had a good time together.
Josiah is seven and well on his way to becoming a good player. 

his first of this game hole-in-one...
then he had a second one!
(grandma forgot to take a picture of that one)
the Barn shot is a favorite but a little difficult to do for the youngins.'
as the door opens, one has to learn to co-ordinate the swing
with the rhythm of it to get the ball in...
a challenge for a seven year old!

a few pictures of this lovely course...
Village Greens has two courses
and we start out with the smaller one,
but they soon ask for the bigger one.
Grandpa is usually the winner!

we finished the evening off with an ice cream cone -
they still had the strawberry cheesecake as their feature flavor...



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Enjoying the Scenery said...

What great memories you are giving your grandkids! Nothing like quality time with grandma and grandpa!

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