Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Gardening Friends,

It's been a busy, busy, I wasn't making jam or freezing or anything else with strawberries other than eating the lovely, fat, delicious fruit...I'm spending lots of time here...
because on Saturday is the first of the President James Buchanon's Wheatland Garden Club (wow, that sounds important!) tour here in my back yard!

 I really don't know who or how many will be coming...I just kinda want to slip away and go to The Cottonwood House to their spring extravaganza or garage sale in Miller St. at Strasburg or maybe just crawl in a cave and close the door after me! :)

here is a sneak pre-view of the completion of our sign at the end of our drive.
More on that on another post...
gotta wait for it -
'cause my mind's on Saturday!

...happy gardening!


PS. I will be having a Twilight Garden Tour here,
 Tuesday evening, July 27 from 8-10 pm.
It's a fund raiser for our church, monies by donation -
 no tickets needed...
just come! :)


Anonymous said...

aww I wanted to it for anyone and where do we get tickets? Marian

Esther@fleurcottage said...

Marion, the best one to come to is the twilight tour in July. :)

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