Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is an attractive village nestled in the valley below the The Trapp Lodge. This region is a popular place for snow skiers. It's also where Ben & Jerry's ice cream is manufactured.
There are a variety of lodges and motels in the area within the town that is easily
within walking distance to the various downtown stores...definitely an interesting place!
The busiest time is September and October when the foliage changes color.
We did a rather quick tour of the center of town -
...beautiful architecture...

Hubs and I took a side street and came across a covered bridge walkway -
...really neat!
...this is the view from the center of the bridge...

...and a gentleman from West Chester, Pa but teaches in the local college,
obliged us by taking this picture...
...he knew we were from Lancaster Co, Pa because of hubs' beard...
...we both chuckled on that one...
...fancy meeting someone so close to home in Stowe, Vermont!
(ships passing in the night!)



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Linda said...

looks like a lovely place and especiall this time of the year.

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