Friday, December 18, 2009

A gift that kept on giving...

Last christmas we were given a coupon from Lin and Mart to have a meal at their house once a month for a year. Now you've got to know that Martha comes from a family that are absolutely wonderful cooks who serve the food artistically, so it not only looks good, but is very delicious! We looked forward to that monthly meal...I mean, since I'm merely an average cook and a procastinator to boot (waiting to DECIDE a meal thirty minutes BEFORE it needs to be on the table?!   really...what's the comparison?! )

So this post, which, by the way, is my fiftieth,
is a BIG thank you...
first, to Martha, who opened her heart and did the work of making these delicious meals...
second, to Lin who supports Martha in her gift of preparing food not just for us
 but to others as a love gift to them...
thirdly, to Andre, Shawn, Anthony and Serena
who always welcomed us with hugs when we walked into your home!
Thank you, thank you for this 'gift that kept on giving!

Serena, Lin, Mart, Andre, Shawn, Anothny

...the menu...
                                                            fresh-baked rolls                                                             
toss salad
baked chicken
fresh fruit and sugar cookies for dessert

...delightful times - good memories!



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