Monday, November 16, 2009

Week End Musings

...after a week of rainy and foggy weather, was WONDERFUL to see the sun on sunday!
...temperatures in the seventies?!

...a highlight of our day was touring this little get-away in the southern end of Lancaster Co... cute! has a creek just a stone's throw from the back door...

...a child's dream stream to play in...

...our hosts...

Ervin and Martha Barkman.

...Ervin is a realtor and renovates houses...
...bought this little house and turned it into a gem...
...a complete transformation!

living room
(original stone fireplace)


...stepping ouside the door you see this... origional, usable springhouse...
(top picture is a closeup of it) is lovely, simply lovely...
...a perfect get-away!

...thanks, Ervin and Martha, for sharing it with us!


...worship food...

A Call to Prayer

 What is the purpose of my prayer?
Does God hear me?
Do my prayers move God?
Is God limited to my prayers?
Do my prayers make a difference? or matter?

- Kingdom Rules -

- we must make God's will ours
- we must not be ashamed of God
- our motivating force must be our love for God for man
- prayer unleashes the power of God.

- quote -
"The mountain may not be taken away but God will give the strength to climb it."



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