Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Tribute to Annie

Annie moved in with her daughter Rhoda, a dear friend of mine and they had an evening auction for the things she no longer needed. Though it was an evening to sell, it was also a gathering  of  relatives and evening to socialize...

and eat...

and buy.

  Annie has impacted many lives. For many, many years she taught children's Sunday School class... we have five children and all of them were in her class...thank you, Annie! For many years she has cut and sewn quilt patches together for church sewing circle. 

She is now almost ninety-six and rarely uses her glasses and has good hearing. In the sunset years of her life, her independence and determination allowed her to live by herself, with her daughter standing on the sidelines caring for her. Now their roles are reversed - Rhoda is the 'mother' and Annie is the 'child.' 

Rhoda, I bless you in taking care of your mother...she's in good hands!

Rhoda (r) and her daughters, Marcia, Jana and Carolyn

To Annie, once more I thank you for your service to the people your lives have blessed, especially mine...building a good foundation and teaching our children Jesus when they joined your class at three years old.




Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,
The tribute to Annie is very nice. I also had "Annie Lapp" as a sunday school teacher and can still recall the lessons she taught. I literally can see the summer vaction bible school class room (front room on the left off of the main sanctuary @ mine road church)even now. She is an inspiration to many and leaves a lasting legecy.
I often check my sister Janelle's blog and enjoy reading yours as well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
Mel Beiler

Shelly said...

The tribute and pictures to go with it are very nicely done. It was a fun evening!

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