Thursday, August 6, 2009

My kitchen window

Our home is across the road from a park that has a one mile walking track. There are folks who jog, walk fast, walk slow & those who run. There are folks who walk aimlessly with their heads down as though life is heavy & there are folks who walk as though with purpose.

I think how so like life that is...

I see one man whom I call The Guardian who picks up trash and lets others know that they need to clean up after themselves. How I need people in my life who tell me to 'pick up my trash.' I'm reminded when I see those who are 'meandering' to enjoy life itself. And watching those who walk with a purpose reminds me to be intentional with the things I want to do or it won't get done. And when I see those who walk with a bowed head to be a 'lifter up' to those whose life, at the moment, is hard.

Then there is the unexpectedness of life...

...because I'm still new at blogging I don't know how to delete this picture, which is on my dinning room table! Sometimes we get 'unwanted pictures' in life as well that we don't quite know what to do with!

Right outside my window is this glorious crepe myrtle...just five years old. I got it as a year end sale for a dollar - didn't know what color it was and it was just a little stick when I bought it. But I knew it had potential...isn't this a picture of us and God?

And then there's our eagle, carved out of a tree by chainsaws...reminding me that '...I can mount up with wings as an eagle, I can run and not be weary, I can walk and not faint!'

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