Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Mantle

My Christmas mantle is simple. My taste has changed from fussy 'more is better' to almost plain, but what is there, speaks. I think it must be my age! Less to dust, less to it's 'less is more!'

When I decorate for Christmas, I like to decorate around what is there already and simply changing out the little stuff. The empty picture frames are still there. I was sad to take down the Autumn display, I liked it so much! But I like this just as much.
The airy greens with the red berries are a long-time staple for Christmas decorating at our house. The pears are a thrift find and the silver Christmas tree balls are a post-Christmas buy. The berries on the top shelf are real rose hips. The rest of the items are there forever until I get another brainstorm! :)  

I love Christmas!                


Victoria said...

Beautiful!!! You did a great job! It seems that a lot of us bloggers are doing the simplifying thing this Christmas:) You're right, less to dust!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Esther, we are so rushed and frazzled, simple is the perfect way to go. The mantle is just lovely as is the rest of your home.
Hugs and happy holidays,

Tanya Halligan said...

Yes I agree, less is definitely more, a lovely mantle Esther

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