Monday, November 5, 2012

Pink Dogwood In Autumn

We've seen very little of the sun since Sandy hit the east coast; however, the forecast for the end of the week is temps in the sixties - yea! I wanted to post a few autumn pictures last week but honestly, I wasn't feeling very 'bloggery.'  The autumn decor will stick around until Thanksgiving.

Last spring I posted about our pink dogwood tree that is outside our bedroom window and it's just as lovely in its fall colors.
 I picked up this old coal shovel at a benefit auction with Indian corn but decided to hang the corn on the door and used rose hips from our rose bushes. It's hanging between the outside door and kitchen window.
I like simplicity!


Blondie's Journal said...

The pink dogwood is nice to wake up to it every morning! Love the coal shovel, too. We have one by our wood burning stove and I never thought to decorate it. Good blogs give us good ideas!

Have a wonderful week, Esther!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I was just looking at your curtains. I think I like this with the cafe curtains and no valance. The Honey always says how dark it is in our house in the winter time...but with the draftiness of our windows curtains layered over blinds helps to block all that.
I think I'll try 'lowering the bar' so to speak. Letting light in the top (warmth of sun) and stopping draft near the bottom closer to the seating!

Your home is beautiful. The dogwood trees included. Our Crepe Myrtles have a bloomed for a 3rd time this year!

Crazy weather.

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