Friday, September 7, 2012

Picture Frames

Empty wooden picture frames recycled into a work of art are a classic. I like the clean look of white, which is what I chose to use in my small collection of frames. I placed them on the mantel and really like the simplicity the frames adds to it.

- Before -
 - After -
 - With and without greens -
Which do you prefer...with greens...without greens?
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One More Time said...

Very Nice and yes it is a work of Art. Your mantle is beautiful. If you would like to share it I would love it if came by and did at Share It One More Time...

elaine said...

Your mantle is lovely.I like it with the greens.

Leslie's Garden said...

You had some lovely frames, and they look so pretty with their new paint! I like your mantle, and I like it with the greens.

Anonymous said...

i like it without ginney

Carol said...

beautiful! like the greens

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

I especially like the greens for Christmas. . . . but I like both ways now. . . but for sure at Christmas!

Brielle Franklin said...

I did something very similar on my mantle, only I used metal picture frames. I placed them in all different directions, and with the lights bouncing off of them, it brightens up the tiny room. Thanks for sharing your post. I really like it with the greens as well.

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