Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reunion Twenty-Twelve

Reunions are as summer as hot dogs and ball games! Mr D has one sibling, a sister who lives in southern Indiana. We have a reunion every two years and take turns hosting it. This year was our turn and all sixty-one of us spent Friday to Sunday evening together at our son Lin and Martha's house...thanks to both for doing the 'behind-the-scene' work. We had a MUCH NEEDED rain Friday night into Saturday forenoon, but nobody was complaining and were able to eat all of our meals outdoors except Saturday breakfast. Between our two families, we have have thirty-five grands! So yes, it was loud but fun!

Our week end in picture.
We spent a lot of time on their new deck - it was perfect!
We started Friday evening with a hot dog roast.
 Ty enjoying his marshmallow the best he can!
 ALL the food was delicious!
 We served Lapp Valley ice cream twice...Lapp Valley is a local farm that produces all their own milk to make their own ice cream - it's the BEST! Bryant, Ty and Curtis, our three year old grands, are loving it, too!
 Grandbaby Kyra spent a lot of time trying to pick up tiny leaves and put them in her mouth.
These roller skates were a big hit with the littles, so much so they 'shared' them!
 {yard games}
corn hole
The Three Musketeers played their own form of corn hole. These cousins became good buddies this week end.
Some of this was happening with various people at various times!
Saturday afternoon our two firemen sons brought the ladder truck to do a candy throw - such excitement for the kiddo's and yes, the adults as well!
 There were seven three year-olds - they hardly knew what to do with soo much candy!
 Loren waving from the top of the extended ladder after the candy throw.
 As we were wrapping that event up, a neighbour flew over with his para glider and threw more candy, creating more excitement for the littles.
Sunday afternoon was water balloon time. The adults had as much fun filling the balloons with water as the kids had throwing them!
 Lots of squeals from the girls and a 'go get 'em!' from the boys!
Sunday evening's meal was leftovers, hot dogs and mountain-pie time. It starting sprinkling so the men carried the canopy over to where the food table was.
Our weekend ended with another storm going through the area at dusk -
a nice farewell to a lovely week end!

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what a fun family time. sounds wonderful!

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