Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun Stuff Around The House

Our week end was very quiet as Mr D wasn't feeling well. I went to a few yard sales and the GW without buying anything spectacular. Several weeks ago, I found these shower curtain hooks at a yard sale and hung them on this de-electrified outdoor light. They make a lovely morning sparkle.
I happened to catch this in the Glory Hour light, where it looks lit from within but comes from the sun shinning in it.
 Another Glory Hour scene - this was set up for the garden tour and left for the summer.
I had a tea with a dear friend on our back porch.
Cut your roses and enjoy them in the house - it's Japanese beetle season!


From our Sunday School Class:

What is Christian fellowship?
It's more than a pat on the back.
It's sharing our burdens and our blessings.
It's a willingness to enter into a heart that is hurting.
Often, it's time, time and more time!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

love the play of light around your place. Hope the Mr. is doing better.
The roses are beautiful as the light shines on them as well,
have a great week, Pat

Prior said...

the little house in the glory light, so it all!

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