Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Weeks of Catch-up

It's been two weeks since I posted due to prep work for a garden tour on Saturday. Our Memorial week end was a 'stay-cation.' We babysat B, walked across to the park to support a fund raising ball tournament, walked through a flea market/yard sale, set up an arbour (can one have too many?!), celebrated birthdays at a family cook-out and finished mulching the flower beds. It was a wonderfully relaxing week end of a 'stay-cation!'
 B was loving his own water bottle and a step ladder - check out those cute black finger marks that he swiped on his face! The ball tournament players are in the background at the park across the road.

Mr D is prepping a very rusty arbor prior to setting it up. I would have been too impatient to do that and just slapped it together to get it in place quickly. I love how gardening has become a 'we' project instead on a 'me' project! 

Family cookout and celebrating S's birthday.
We celebrated L's fortieth birthday a month late and DIL M served a delicious spread!
A glimpse of Rustic Glamour in the garden tour that was here on Saturday.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Esther!
Sounds like a busy month full of fun, family and goodness.
I bet the arbor looked lovely, that little golden glamour lamp looks sweet... hope you show more pictures of the tour.
It is nice to see your hubby working in the garden with you...glad to see he is healthy, and getting around,...enjoying life!

Thank God for our husbands-- Pat

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