Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Abbeville, South Carolina

My brother Paul and his family live in Abbeville, South Carolina. Last week he had a serious surgery, serious enough we all weren't sure if he would survive. God graciously brought him safely through. The end of the week, I traveled with two of my brothers to spend a few days with the family...three GOOD days. Twelve hours of driving gives a lot of time to talk, read and sleep! I was treated like a queen...didn't have to do any driving, had the back seat to myself and they made sure my needs were taken care of!

Ed - we tease him about his hat but secretly, I think he looks handsome in it!
 Roy - a true gentleman!
Yeah, I'm proud of my brothers and they're wonderful dependable driving companions!

Abbeville is a quaint small town with lots of southern charm. The street is brick-paved and traffic circles in a one-way around a minature park with a large fountain and benches under southern trees that invite one to sit and watch the world go by.
The Opera House is undergoing a face-lift on the outside and is still used though the summer season.
It has Olde-World charm inside...
                                  with interesting signs posted around the walls like these...
Hm-m-m - I'm thinking we could use some of this in today's world!

The architecture is beautiful!
 This charmer of days gone by for sale? H-m-m-m...wonder if the car goes with it?

There's a southern saying about two kinds of Yankees -
a Yankee who comes and leaves as a tourist,
and a damn Yankee that comes and stays...
I think I'll be a damn Yankee and move to Abbeville! :)
(and no offence to any southern folk!)

'Course, if all of our winters and springs would be as mild and early as 2012 has been, I'd be perfectly content to stay here!
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Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

You look like your brother Roy! Sounds like a neat town.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Hahahaha what an awesome post.

First, your brothers look very much alike, and very handsome, and I love Roy's hat. My DH is a hat wearing straight-outta-time kinda fella, so hats, even Fedoras I understand.

That town is so quaint!

I laughed out loud at the theatre's signs, oh my word how funny - we SURE could use some decorum and censure now. These days are crass on a good day.

Great post, thank you!

Kathy said...

Precious time with family, lovely. So happy to hear your Brother is well. Blessings to him.

Meg said...

Those signs are great! So glad your brother made it through surgery. Hope he is healing quickly. Enjoy your family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Abbeville is a unique little town and I'm happy to call it home. I'm a yankee tranplant from 42 years ago and have no desire to go back to Pa.
I'm sure Paul's were delighted to have you come and we are all so thankful that he is doing so well. Ya'll come again! Lois

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