Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lovely Sedum

I like sedums - most of the time - and my favorite is the rosy-colored one. I picked my start up at a yard sale for twenty-five cents in a styrofoam cup which is why I can't name it. The bees go crazy when it blooms and it multiplies like doesn't even need roots to grow! If I can't give it away, I throw it away - as in a trash bag and in the dumpster; because if I don't, I'd be surrounded by this perennial! Here they are in their glory and they go well with Autumn colors.
These pictures were taken in sunnier days - we've had lots of cloudy/rainy days.

Edited September 24, 2012:
Give them a little love and surround them with the green garden fence wire that can often be found at yard sales for pennies or buy them new at WalMart/KMart stores in the spring. I take them apart into four sections around the plant early in the spring. The wire is hidden by mid-summer.


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Love it too! But mine tend to get tall and fall over. Any tips?

Dianne said...

I believe these are called Sedum Autumn Joy.

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