Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fleur Cottage's View

I've received quite a few comments on our lovely view here at Fleur Cottage and it is lovely, particularly in the back of the house. I love seeing the constant change all year long! So I decided to share our view via a post.

The farm surrounding us on three sides in the back of the house is in an agricultural preserve to keep it in farmland vs development. The fields are planted with either corn or soybeans. The years of corn cut off the view but this year it's soybeans, keeping the view, yes, we thoroughly enjoy our view! The front looks out a little town that has major routes intersecting in the middle of it. A community park is directly across the road from us and the road past our house is a state road on which anything from horse and buggy to tractor trailer trucks use. So front or back, either view is an interesting view!

Our lot and the neighbors was taken off of the farm that surrounds our lot so we're close together and we kind of look out for each other. The car is theirs; the Lime Light hydrangeas are ours. This is the southern view.
The town can be seen in the southwest view - the aqua roof on the left is a Hess station, the speck of red seen through the tree is a car wash, and the blue building on the right is a Napa Auto store with a mini mall of other business including a Dollar General thrown in the mix. The park extends all the way up to those buildings.
Straight west, the red roof of McDonalds can be seen as well as other businesses and the park.
To the northwest, an Amish farm can be seen across the park and another neighbor's house. Because the road is such a busy road, we may as well have several miles seperate us!
And to the north is a row of arborvitae, a wonderful wind-breaker!
To the south are the farm buildings that surround us.
Southeast, east and northeast are all farmland views, most of them Amish farms. Route 30 passes through those trees on its way from Harrisburg to Phila, so we're seldom completely snowed in.

I love living here! Yes, the traffic is, at times, annoying but the activity in the park is interesting to watch with its soccor, softball and football games and the convenience of stores and shops close by is nice.

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Pearl@serenitycove said...

I have a cousin out there so I know first hand how beautiful it is. Similar to Holmes County where I live but yet so different. I've probably been past your place and didn't know it! Anyway I love your blogs especially your garden blog.
Also I love that eagle carving. Would love one of those in my yard!!

Carolyn said...

Lovely views! I love the limelight hydrangea too.


Cindy said...


Bonita Jane said...

What a beautiful piece of heaven on earth!

Tootsie said...

that hydrangea is breathtaking!!! I wish I could get mine to grow like that...the cold winters here seem to set us back and kill us off! lol
your post is gorgeous!!! thanks for linking in!!!

My garden haven said...

I love your header. And of course the wide open spaces , beautiful surroundings where you live.

Shelly said...

Hi Esther~ Are you the "Esther Glick" who commented on my giveaway? I couldn't think of any other. :) Can't find another way to contact you, but wanted to say you're the winner! Email me (philandshelly(at)epix(dot)net and we'll discuss how to get the prize to you. Congrats!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Don't you just love being in the midst of farmland, Esther? I'm a county girl at heart and just love hearing the crows each morning. ; )

Thanks for linking to the party. Hope to see you again tonight.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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