Monday, June 20, 2011

Week End Musings

It was a busy week end with two ball tournaments for four grandsons on Saturday and a cook out for the youth from church Sunday evening. This is a picture post! :)

Our three grandsons playing on the same team.
The two coaches, their dad on the left.
'A' prior to hitting a grand slam!
Their team.
After watching their first game, I went to P's tournament. P had fallen down a flight of stairs the night before but was determined to play the next day...he loves baseball! He was doing fine until he got rammed at home base (he was the catcher) with another bump. He was taken to their chiropractor that day.
We've always enjoyed watching ball games and in years gone by, attended them when Hubs played and our boys played 'pickle,' a made-up game of their generation. I was amused to hear the little boys still playing that game! We still watch their games and now Hubs does some unoffical umping for their league. Our love of ball games spans three generations!


Sunday evening, we hosted our church youth for a cookout in our back yard. This brought back a lot of memories for us when our children were that age. :) The boys outnumber the girls but the girls can hold up their end very well! :)
Playing 'Amish golf'...
and Kubb (pronounced Koob).
Then there were these two little ladies playing dress-up.
Love this cute, innocent 'mini-train' model walk!
We enjoyed the evening very much and in spite of predicted thunderstorms, it was a perfect evening!


- From the pulpit -

Authentic manhood - responsibility of action and attitude is the call of true manhood.
  • Taking responsibilty of  personal attitudes and actions.
  • The tendency to silence when they should speak out.
  • The need to define goals and core values.
  • Taking resposibilty for moral purity.
  • Taking responsibilty for integrity.
In reading over these five points, I was challenged with the thought of how I can make it easier for my husband to reach these goals. Allowing him to speak without interruption is a great place to start. Dressing modestly myself. Supporting him when he stands up for truth, even when it costs! Yes, this message on Authentic Manhood on Father's Day spoke to me as well!


I so enjoyed the comments on the last two posts - thank you for them! To those who live nearby, stop by for starts of the Grandiflora hydrageas in the Fall after the first frost and I'll share starts with you! :)

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Cindy said...

Hi Esther,
I wish I lived near you, I would be by in the Fall for starts of the Grandiflora hydrangea.
Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your grandchildren. How nice that your yard is large enough for the young ones to have fun.
Great sermon points. My husband preached to the men this Sunday, encouraging them and everyone really to Seize the Day! Now is the time!
Hugs, Cindy

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