Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Picket Fence At Fleur Cottage

We live along side of a busy state road with lots of traffic. When we moved here, the yard went all the way to the edge of the road and I felt very vulnerable when I mowed the grass. I quickly decided the yard needed a buffer and planted knockout roses in a fifteen foot wide bed. As time went on, the roses became neglected,  untrimmed and unmanagable, getting very BIG but gorgeous when in bloom. It was a tad dangerous to pull out onto a busy road as well. We took the roses out and turned this fifteen foot buffer into more parking space and added a picket fence. I'm very pleased with the finished results.

This project was started back in March by SIL W and grandsons P and J, (unfortunately those pics got lost) and was completed this week...thanks to our children and grandchildren! They did the hard work so I could do the fun designing, mulching and planting.

Grandson A moving the stones so the wall could be started - this was a huge help to me!
Son L and SIL W pushed the dirt around and seeded the grass, a job well done!
The watchers. :)
Then came the picket fence. Son L along with grandson S did this beautifully!
First fence post hole!
How many workers does it take? One son and three grandsons! They all knew what needed to be done.
Now my work begins.
Mulched and fourteen Provence lavender plants and creeping thyme planted. In a few years they will grow into large , shrub-like plants and I'll be cutting and drying bouquets!
Road side.
Yard side.
 Job well done - thanks, family!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

wow - you just don't quit - amazing!! Love your energy and foresight. Miss you!

everydaymoments said...

Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!! Simply Gorgeous!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ok Esther~ No fair, the hedge was gorgeous already. But the picket fence...well, I love it!
betcha can't wait to see the Lavender all abloom, Pat

Cindy said...

Your fence is lovely, it looks like your family enjoys helping you. You are blessed!

Chester County Cottage Girl said...

love the fence, it just looks so "cottage like". Nice job!

Passionate for White said...

What is it exactly that we all love so much about a white picket fence!?

Boho Farm and Home said...

Wow! That fence looks great! I love picket fences.

White Fences said...

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