Friday, May 20, 2011

New Garden

The last two summers I used the greenhouse as a spring/summer garden and, alas, it was simply too hot for that to be practicable. So I passed the greenhouse on to DIL M this spring. How the men of our two households accomplished this, I don't know, but accomplish it, they did! Believe me, I saw it leave with 'a wing and a prayer!' :)
I used it for storage this winter and the weeds had a heyday by the time it was moved!
It almost fell apart in the transfer to the trailer.
Blurry, I know, but by now no one wanted to stop and pose for a picture as it was leaving! :)
I was left with this weedy, messy area to transform into a lush garden!
(glory, glory!)

The first thing I did was to clear the worst of the weeds; the second thing I did was to plant the raspberry plants I got from DIL M that were sitting around for several weeks that managed to survive. I made a wire cage to protect the lettuce from those cute (NOT!) hoppers that feast on tender, young plants and that worked well. I used the railroad ties to make a raised bed for a few strawberry plants.

Using lots of muscle, I managed to move those heavy monsters (Hubs was not well) to where I wanted them, linning it with Weedx fabric to keep the little underground buggers out and used grass edgings and composted manure to fill it up. In the perfect gardening world, that should have been done last fall so it could all beak down into a beautiful mixture of loose, composted soil...but hey, this ain't perfection!
After working on it between doctor appointments, surgery, getting supplies and the rain, it's planted and some lettuce is ready to be eaten...yumm-i-o! The sun shone long enough today to take a few more pics.
Don't forget to compare this with the 'before' picture! :)
The before-mentioned lettuce cage and the STURDY tomato cages with their lovely plants!
PS. the marigolds are supposed to keep certain predators away beside lookin' pretty!
There's around one hundred onion starts, several green bean seeds and a jalapeno pepper in there somewhere, too.
And the oh-so-handy water supply...rain barrels!

I like to think my little plot of earth is organic, making us healthier, wealthier and wiser! :)

And, O glory...
the peonies are coming into bloom!

...happy gardening!

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KK said...

Wow...You did a ton of work! The area was transformed from messed up to dressed up! I love the peony bud almost as much as the open flower. They are pure beauty.

Sue said...

what work!!!glad I missed all the hard work.

beautiful peonies--wish I could grow peonies-I live in the south never had luck with peonies.


peg beiler said...

Peonies.....glorious peonies. You are so special. Thank-you for who God made you.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Peonies are so pretty. Don't you just love seeing things grow?

Tootsie said...

I am following this blog too now...and almost cried when you said you gave your greenhouse away!!! lol
that garden is looking awesome compared to the weeds!!! thanks for linking in friend...and for being patient with me while I am so far behind. It has taken me almost 10 minutes just to type this with my stupid sore hands and arm..going to need surgery to fix it I think...and I am not interested in surgery! lol

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

That bit of land is serving you well now isn't it? Organic is more work, but it IS the way to go!

Thanks for linking to the party, Esther.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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