Friday, April 8, 2011

Trimming roses (part two)

Ten years ago, DIL M gave me a  NEW DAWN rose. This is a fast growing climber and a BEAST to give it the 'kinder cut'...its thorns are huge and many! I did a heavy cut this time as it was a little out of control last summer and spring is the perfect time to re-shape roses. {Any spring-blooming shrub, bush or tree needs to wait until after its bloom is finished.}  This one took me two hours to prune, trim and tie the canes but I did take my time...after all, I'm sixty-two & climbing up and down a step ladder isn't as easy as it used to be! :) But it is a job well done!

- before -
- after -
- before -
- after -
Please be sure to clean up ALL the canes - it's no fun stepping barefoot on that last missed tiny twig! I generally check it almost on my hands and knees to be sure they're picked up and still miss a few!

Yes, it got a major trim! I also cut its first, origional cane (old wood) that was two to three inches in circumference down as close to the ground as it was possible to get to. Be sure to cut it on a slant to avoid water pooling on the raw cane. I don't put any bug deterent on forms a scab before the cane borers come. The best way to begin prunning is to decide which cane you want removed,  follow that cane, cutting it in two foot pieces and pull it away. Please, PLEASE use heavy gloves! After doing that, I begin to cut away the twiggy canes which were last summer's blooms and will be this summer's blooms again. An established New Dawn blooms about five weeks if it isn't too wet...roses rot in too much rain. Newly planted roses need to be watered regularly the first summer...AT THEIR FEET - NOT THEIR FOLIAGE!

- summer of 2010 -

This is a knockout rose and because it's close to a pathway I trim it back hard. By the end of summer, they're out over again. These babies are TOUGH and BEAUTIFUL and are CAREFREE! Even the Japanese beetles do little damage to 'em.

- before and after -
All my roses are trimmed in the back and now we need to clean and burn the canes...yea! The daffodil are blooming madly and can't wait to mow next week...yea for spring/summer!

...happy gardening!

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Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Isn't it amazing how after ALL that hard trimming, your roses came back so beautifully? Unfortunately, the deer have been known to trim our roses a bit TOO hard around here.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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