Monday, February 21, 2011

week end musings

i really appreciated hubs painting the dinning room on saturday!
i'm not certain whether i'm doing a wallpaper again and what the curtains will look like...
gotta see what's out there!

baby B was here this morning.
i had a helper with the vegies -
he loved putting the 'tator chunks in the cup!
then he stirred his smarties in the (dirty) pan - fun, fun!
 and yes, mom, he ate them!


- from the pulpit -

Three Elements in God-honoring Decisions
  • an active relationship with God
  • living according to Biblical principles
  • communicating with other believers
but this was striking to me...
God, make me a fork in the road, not merely a mile stone.
                                                                                    - Jim Elliot
scary prayer! risky prayer! Jim Elliot put his life on the line and was murdered for Jesus' sake.
indeed, risky stuff - being a fork in the road where our choices cause others to stop and think about their decisions...


then today, there was this bitter/sweet decision...
in the grand scheme of life, not all that important, but still...
in the sense that it's giving up a piece of my gardening love and admitting the gorgeous nine
 knock-out rose shrubs in the front yard were too much for me to keep after -
they got pulled out today.



Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What a great post and what an adorable little helper!!

Cindy said...

Very sweet post. I hope you gave the rose bushes to someone who will lovingly tend them. Interesting statement by Jim Elliott. I will have to think on that.
Hugs, Cindy

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