Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 1969

yes...today is our anniversary...forty-two years!
- as we were -
- as we are -

fortytwo years together and in love!
i am constantly amazed at God's grace...
we weren't always in love during this time -
because for a time we had lost the way;
but God's  goodness brought us back together again!

we are older and wiser from life's school of training that included a lot of pain,
 a lot of i'm sorry's,
a lot of forgiving,
and a lot of giving and receiving of grace for and to each other!

 Honey, I love you!


last summer, i picked this up at a yard sale...
 and transformed it into this!



Martha said...

Happy Anniversary! You have both blessed my life in countless ways! I couldn't ask for better in-laws! Love you guys! Hope you get to celebrate when he gets home from Indiana!!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Ahh Esther - what sweetness here. You are a treasure! Love ya!

Vicky said...

What a beautiful post. You give me hope for when I fight with my hubby. I love your mirror. I am going to have to steal that idea too!

elaine said...

Happy Anniversary!Love the mirror!

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