Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter garden structure

Hi! It's been a while and I fully intended doing a post in the fall on winter preparation but time got away from me - hopefully, next fall! This is a picture post showing how controlled structure can add lots of 'winter interest' to the gardens. It doesn't have to be much to make a huge difference. A focal point in different areas scattered throughout really looks lovely.

Using uncommon articles to create a vignette costs little and gives your imagination a chance to run wild. Seeing a common article at a yard sale and looking at it with other eyes than what it was intended for gives one the opportunity to get stuff for pennies. I've had most of the things you'll see in these pictures for years - sometimes, they go in storage and something else replaces it.

Some things do well through the summer but are not intended to stay out year round. A good concrete item can stay out year round, others not. Wood weathers fairly quickly and eventually breaks down. Wicker needs to be protected until it's too worn to be used, then it makes a wonderful accent peice. Deep dish bird baths must be turned upside down, heated or moved indoors.

These pictures were taken after the snowfall yesterday morning.
(I will post where the articles were perchased.)
 - GW-
 - built by hubs -
 - thrift shop -
 - bird bath top, bird feeder on arbor, lantern, shepherds hook at yard sale -
 - wicker at yard sale, gate made by a nephew and purchased at a family fundraiser -
 - two bird baths and finial purchased at a local business -
 -! -
 - two angels...memory lapse! :) -
-! -
lavender in pretty! purchased at two local businesses -
 -, pavers and finial purchased at local businesses -
 - free wrought iron and post, light at yard sale -
armiillary purchased at a local store years ago -
 - lantern and shepherds hook at yard sale -
- wicker rocking chair brought home from our cabin - 

Amazing how simple it is to make a difference! Yard sale season will start again in on the look out!

...happy gardening!

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Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Snow is so pretty and so fresh looking! It really changes the looks of things for the better - when it is in moderation. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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