Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GW clock

several weeks ago, i bought this clock at Goodwill.
 at the time i wondered why someone sent it there...
i really liked the 'frenchy' look and color.
it went into my shopping cart. 
i hung it in our bedroom. 
i found out why it was at the GW.

see the lee-tle, teeny bar?
the pendulum strikes it - loudly...
enough to drive you into the crazy house!
i could...
junk it
put it in storage
send it back...
 but i liked it too much to give up on it.
i took the pendulum off its perch and hooked it on the ledge of the clock.
but the pendulum thingy merely swung louder (crazy house!).
i hooked the pendulum thingy over a tiny knob in the back to keep it stationary.
it worked!

 this is how it hangs - for now.
hubs is going to try cutting the bars out so the pendulum can swing, swing! :)
you'll see where the clock is when the chiffionier is finished.
we're having a predicted six inch snow today.
very purt-ty!


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