Thursday, December 16, 2010

bench in our bedroom

my MIL was not by any means, the 'average' Amish woman.
she could build cabinets, fix a roof, reupholster like a pro, fix most anything,
milk cows, plant corn, bale hay, grow enough produce to use and to sell.
she loved auctions so much she had a mini store in her attic!
besides all this, she was cooking, cleaning and all the other everyday living stuff.

the bench that found its way into our bedroom is a typical project of hers.
it stands twenty inches tall,  
designed for small children to sit higher at a table.
hubs and his sister used it,
our children sat on and outgrew this bench as well.
after her death, i claimed it for the memories, even though it was, well, ugly.
the top was covered with gray formica with a split in it.
it languished in the basement for six years,
and i almost gave it away but couldn't quite get myself to do it.
then i redesigned our bedroom...
i had an epiphany! 
i took off the ugly formica,
instantly giving it the ambiance i was looking for.
love, love!
now it's used to stack the extra pillows 'for fancy'
with an extra blanket tucked in a basket underneath.
even the top looks great with the glue tracks left on it!
interesting how the inanimate reaches across generations -



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One Life Many Journeys said...

I love the character this piece has. You did a great job. Visiting from The Brambleberry Cottage.

Deanne said...

wonderful! I would love a bench like this!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

It is not only wonderful, and displayed so nicely with the linens, but even more special for the memories that are attached to it.

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Oh, Esther, it is absolutely wonderful! Just taking that ugly old formica off made all the difference. It truly is a piece with character and history.

Please be sure to come by and enter my fantastic year-end giveaway, if you haven't yet. Click the picture in my sidebar for details.

I hope you and your precious family have a very Merry Christmas!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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