Thursday, November 11, 2010

lamp shade re-do

i picked up a scruffy lamp shade at the GW...
really scruffy!

i cut away her old clothes,
cut a new pattern...
and sewed a new one out of bleached and washed drop cloth.
her night-time look...
and day time look.
i wanted to be able to throw her dress in the laundry,
so i sewed ties on her,
finished the edges with old lace i had on hand,
and hung the dodads on to keep her skirt in place.
she's a keeper...
for now!
i love Rie's lamp at Home & Harmony -
i really liked the eyelet finish on hers...
h-m-m-m...i do have another shade.
(linking up to Funky Junk ABC party)



(psst...i'm on a sheet music is comin!')


Erin@likegrandmas said...

Love it Esther! You should post it at Kim's( for her before and after party! Great job!

Inspired by you said...

I had a quick flash back from my youth. Those are pretty close to the lamp shades I grew up with. You did a wonderful job!

elaine said...

So pretty,good job!

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