Monday, October 25, 2010

week end musings

we had a quiet week end...
but after three week ends of  travel and two more to come -
it was wonderful to laze around home!

autumn is at its best right now -
brilliant colors, a full moon, rustling leaves, cool nights and just-right-temperature days!
the burning bush shrub belongs to our neighbours -
the stone pile is to complete a gap in the stone wall -
(hopefully before the snow flies!)
the wooden column was built by hubs to replace the tree -
the light on top of it will get a post of its own...
stay close, there is a give-away coming on that!

i was unable to post last week due to picture woes
and something to do with my 'cookies'...
no, no...not eating cookies - puter cookies! :)
sheer frustration!
and last but not least...
a new blog!
our DIL M has a food blog where she shares her delicious recipes -
meet TheKitchenCookie!


- from the pulpit -

Do you get what you pray for?

we are to ask, seek, knock...
but many times
we get a stone instead of bread,
 a serpent instead of a fish,
a scorpion instead of an egg.
many, many times,
it's the stone,
the serpent,
the scorpion,
that brings to us the very thing we asked for!

We ask for restored relationships,
then God sends a seemingly impossible situation.
We ask for patience,
and God gives us enormously trying events.
We ask for more faith,
and our faith is tried to the utmost!

You get the picture -
our character is built on hard stuff,
not the easy fluff that is empty and useless!



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