Monday, October 4, 2010

play house tour

when we moved here six years ago,
 one of my dreams was to have a play house for the grandgirlies.
two years ago, i designed one
and SIL W built it for me.
the fun began!
                                                 i bricked an 'L' landing at the front and side,
and used recycled FREE wrought iron railing fastened to a FREE porch post. :)
sooo much work fun with more to come!

stepping inside the door,
to the right is an iron crib bed/turned love seat,
with lots of fun dress-up items!
straight ahead is the 'dream' wall.
to the left is the dining area.
 above the door is a 'welcome' sign...
and this summer, i added these ornaments at the corners of the door.
all the items in the play house are from yard sale/thrift finds with the exception of the bed -
in a weaker moment, i bought it at an antique shop.

there's been adult teas and children teas...
candlelight in the twilight tour...
and was used by a friend as a spiritual retreat for several hours.

the size of the building is 8x10 ft,
and has no electricity because i wanted to use candle light when entertaining -
it's been a wonderful investment!


its been so hot and dry this summer -
last week we had six to seven inches of rain in twentyfour hours...
wonderful, life-giving rain!
today, it's in the forties and raining -
a time to cozy up in the house.
God is GOOD!




Carolyn said...

Thank you for the tour of your charming little playhouse. I can see the grand girlies spending happy hours in there and Grandma too!


Tina said...

Esther, your playhouse is what my girls dream of! You have decorated it so beautifully and it is such a versatile space. Your grandchildren are so lucky! I will have to show this beautiful post to our Miss Olivia (10yrs) when she wakes up, she will just love it! Thank you for showing us your dreamy playhouse ~ Tina x

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Esther that is so precious! I would love to have a play house like this, I'm sure my girls would too. You have really done a fabulous job on this, I LOVE IT!

Marie said... adorable! You and your grand daughters should cherish every moment in that little playhouse. I can see them confiding in you as they get older in that special place.

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