Tuesday, October 5, 2010

opinions, please!

i'm thinking of making changes in our bedroom,
using things i already have.
the window on the left is the new...
(taken on a cloudy day)
the window on the right is the old.
(taken on a sunny day)

help me out...give an opinion!




Erin@likegrandmas said...

I love both windows. On the left, you can cover the window at night or when it is really sunny. Plus the panels are more romantic which I would equate to your style. The window on the right, I like because I love swags, but that is me. It has more of a country feel(which is more me) and it is romantic too. I think the left is more you. Both look great Esther!

Shelly said...

I definitely like the one on the left. :)

Marian Stoltzfus said...

the left!...

Janean said...

adore the new!!! it's chic. :)

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